Toilet culture in Dubai – What you should before the trip, the quiet Village of knowledge

A simple human need can be in other countries on a topic, because all over the world, countries are different with the toilet culture. Who does so in different and also exotic countries on vacation, should not only be times that going to the toilet always runs exactly how it is usual in Germany. So there are no Surprises on the Dubai trip, we have here a few information about the toilet culture in Dubai put together – so you can go to the silent place in the United Arab Emirates relaxed.

  • 1 other countries, Other toilets
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Other countries, other toilets

The theme of the toilet and also public toilets in other countries may seem to some, perhaps trivial, but there are certainly people who deal prior to a holiday trip, and the appropriate questions to ask. The start of the question whether there are enough public toilets, the Hygiene and cleanliness of the toilets. Because some people need to own weakness, for health reasons, such as, for example, a bladder, more a toilet than others – for this reason, these questions can be very important.

Basically, there are still countries that do not have enough sanitary facilities or they are in bad conditions. This is not in Dubai not the case, because here the toilets are generally clean and hygienic and also have a couple of small specifics that you should know before you travel.

The right toilet in Dubai find

First of all: In Dubai there are many public toilets, which are also, in most cases, an excellent hygienic condition. Often you can find the to small features such as the high quality of the used WCs. So it plays a significant role for the cleanliness of a toilet is that a toilet was installed, that is easy to clean. Very good rim, loose Toilets are in public restrooms, therefore, suitable as the cleaning is much easier, because there is no edge, the dirt can settle.

But also, the toilet seat should not be disregarded, because here, too, the ease of cleaning is a feature of a high-quality product. On the linked technical side, we have found some valuable information about the standard of care of toilet Seats for you to Read. Thus, the surface is a decisive factor which contributes to that as little bacteria as possible and sticking to them.

If you are looking for Dubai by the way a public toilet, should look a bit more closely. Because the visual distinction between men and women is not at every the toilet on the first glance. Thus one finds in the characters for men on the toilet doors is often a man who is wearing a Kandora – can see at-a-glance Look quite the characters for women are very similar and lead to confusion.

Shower head instead of toilet brushes

A further feature of the toilets in Dubai is that there are no toilet brushes next to every toilet in the rule, but a shower is available. This leads many tourists again and again to the confusion. The Background to this is that it is a Tradition of Islam is to cleanse himself after using the toilet with water. When Entering and Leaving the toilet, a prayer is spoken.

Which by the way, straight to the men’s toilets for a high level of cleanliness is the fact that in Islam it is frowned upon to Urinate Standing up and men sitting down is talking, but it is not forbidden, as it is said often, but is due to a Tradition of Islam. For this reason, in the Lord, no urinals toilets to be found in the rule. From the simple Standard with shower and showers to really luxirösen toilets with high-tech facilities, Dubai has everything. The Hygiene and cleanliness is the top priority.


Toilettenkultur in Dubai – Was man vor der Reise über das stille Örtchen wissen sollte
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Other countries have not only different customs but also other toilets. Who often have to go to the bathroom, should be informed in advance of the trip about the toilet culture of the holiday or travel the country, so that he experienced no nasty Surprises and with the customs of the country. Just for Dubai is there to fear, however, no nasty Surprises, as here, there is sufficient public toilets are in a very good sanitary condition, and the Standard in Germany far exceed.