Romantic getaway in Dubai

Dubai is one of the cities on this world, you should have seen. Just the Mix of the Orient and a young, modern city, there are in the way. Of course, such a city is also very tiring, and you yearn for rest and relaxation. At first glance, Dubai and relaxation go together not really a city and the calm of a paradox, but there are some romantic places of retreat, where the everyday life of the big city forget the old and the new can be refueled. Since such places are designed to make the outside very hard to find, are presented in the Following are a few of the places in more detail.

Romantischer Rückzugsort in Dubai

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  • 1 Bab Al Shams Desert Resort
  • 2 Al Sahra Desert Resort
  • 3 Rixos The Palm
  • 4. conclusion

Bab Al Shams Desert Resort

As the Name is here probably already guessed, this is a Resort, which is located about 40 minutes away by car from the city center of Dubai. Suitable to the romantic ambience, the Resort is surrounded by towering dunes, the almost to night-time walks, it is, so to speak, in the middle of the desert. The operators of the plant have made a mission to bring the guests as well as possible your culture. This also means that the 5 star Hotel was built very true to the Arabian style. For example, various water games are located in the Mittelhof, the walls of the former construction remind.

Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah is totally different than the one you just described the Resort as the “Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah”. In a city like Dubai, you would expect a lot of things, but certainly not a beach hotel directly at the sea. But that’s exactly what the romantic place that is also easily accessible by car. Arriving there, it looks like in Greece or Mallorca. A huge 5 star Hotel is located in the middle of the square to spread out while both sides of the beach and then the sea. The beach consists of fine Sand and is ideal for many hours of sunshine, full of relaxation and tranquility. Furthermore, the staff of the hotel offers various services and programs to pamper the guests properly, so that you can forget the Stress of the city.

Al Sahra Desert Resort

For all the that is where the beach life is too boring for you, we can recommend the Al Sahra Desert Resort”. This is basically an old farm, only that this is in the middle of the desert. This was re-built in the above-mentioned style, in order to bring the guests the feel of the desert and the Arab culture a little closer. There are at the Resort, the different possibilities that can be enjoyed by the residents. For one, it is possible to let the old crafts and leisure activities, such as pottery, kite flying, or shooting a bow and arrow. On the other, and which met with a very large demand, is offered here that the guided rides take place in the desert. The tab may be of animal, horse or camel, choose, and adventure, far away from the Stress of Dubai.

Rixos The Palm

If you can tear yourself away from the panoramic views of Dubai, but still, a romantic retreat looking for is “Rixos The Palm” is quite the Right thing. As the Name suggests, this is an artificial beach with a Hotel that offers direct views of the Skyline, it is also allowed to travel with motor boats. The hotel area was divided into two different parts, namely for the guests who want to enjoy the peace and quiet and for those who prefer the life of the party. For what you decided, then, remains to be seen.


All in all Dubai has to, even if it seems at first sight, not only a hectic city, but also can stand for a romantic retreat, if the right places are known. Just the fact that in Dubai there are so many options and for each type the Appropriate case is likely to be, will be to many people. No matter whether the sense is rather to desert life, beach, or adventure seeking in Dubai will you anywhere find. Finally, all of this is a very nice contrast to the rest of the city and Dubai a: One of the most beautiful and most interesting cities at all.