Persons clothing in Dubai

One of the most popular Reseziele of the modern Dubai. The more and more growing metropolis, is already desirable for some trips for young couples and also families as a holiday destination. Not least because of the sun, the breathtaking beaches. The most frequently more and more Germans travel to Dubai, to the local culture and way of life. So that one is prepared properly before you begin, you should know the culture and especially the rules. The clothing in the summer is an important issue. Here is more about the rules, advantages & proper care products…

Sonenbekleidung in Dubai

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  • 1 Tradition and rule. To adhere to the laws of all!
  • 2 avoid, Despite heat, lack of respect
  • 3, The Dishdash robe and its purpose
  • 4 can do against the summer heat
  • 5 hat or not?
  • 6 sun cream is a Must!
  • 7, Dubai Also provides for the tourists to pre –
  • 8 conclusion

Tradition and rule. To adhere to the laws of all!

Not only is the Visual plays in the Dubai vacation an important role. It is an Islamic state, therefore, has one before to know what laws and regulations it is to be observed also for tourists.

Shoulders and knees must remain covered

It is not banned in Dubai, in principle, to wear short clothes. However, it is important to keep your clothing the knee and shoulders covered. Short dresses, skirts, hot pants and Bikinis are an absolute Taboo in Dubai. To run the casual clothes, such as they are known in us, in short, in a Bikini and only a towel to the supermarket covered is strictly forbidden here. In spite of the hot summer days is by law a strict dress regulation, you as a tourist to follow.

Despite the heat and lack of respect prevent

You are wearing “normal”, appropriate cotton clothing. T-Shirts are not prohibited, but as I said about the shoulders. A pair of shorts in a woman is also allowed, but this must over the knee to go and should, if possible, not skin-tight. In addition, it is the native attire for men to avoid.
Sonenbekleidung in Dubai

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The Dishdash robe and its purpose

This clothing is reserved for glübige Emiratis. Tourists here often the mistake to perceive it as funny or appropriate, to wear such a garment. But, in fact, misinterpreted. The Emiratis could Wear their traditional dress as disrespectful and offensive. So, you hold back here, dear, and you stay in your country appropriate clothing.

What you can do to combat the summer heat

In order to keep the heat of the metropolis reasonably, you should choose loose-fitting clothes. Cotton helps and is probably the best choice. You don’t wear no tight clothing, especially the women. Go for a loose shirt without a deep neckline and an airy pants.

Hat or not?

The hat of many visitors, is felt to be inappropriate, but is not forbidden. If you plan on being out longer in the sun to stop, a sun hat is sufficient protection. Anyone who would still like to wear a hat, can also use other types of head protection, such as wipes, etc.

Sun cream is a Must!

You forget in Dubai-a holiday never to protect your skin. The heat can’t get tourists from Europe, because the skin itself is such a strong sun influence in the usual way. Use a sunscreen with a high protection factor.

Also, Dubai provides tourists pre –

In Dubai you can find in almost every room with air conditioning. Especially in Hotels, the Standard. Even bus stops are in the desert city, air-conditioned. Almost every Hotel has Pools within its facility, and offers sufficient cooling and refreshing. Ensure you do not need to do so in front of a heat stroke.


Before the Dubai trip, you should inform yourself in detail about the local rules and clothing regulations. To do this, you can know in travel agencies. Avoid the law of Dubai, to disregard, to unangenheme situations to avoid. You need to be aware at all times that it is an Islamic state and if you want to vacation here, please, to keep to his rules.