Luxury holiday in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most modern cities in the world. In the last few years, the metropolis due to the oil boom and the associated revenue, has developed into a tourist attraction. Has strategically designed the city to wealthy tourists, so there are a lot of luxurious accommodations and attractions which allow for a luxury holiday in Dubai.

Luxusurlaub in Dubai

Luxury holiday in Dubai

  • 1 information and facts about Dubai – the most beautiful place!
  • 2 Dubai – reasons for a luxury holiday
  • 3 Dubai – the sights of The city

Information and facts about Dubai – the most beautiful place!

With about 2.2 million inhabitants, the city is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates. It is, therefore, approximately four times as large as the country’s capital, Abu Dhabi. Because approximately 85 percent of the population of the Emirate Dubai live in the capital, is the cultural, social, political and economic centre of the Region.

The city is located in the dry subtropics, accordingly, the average temperatures are. In the Winter the average temperature is around 25 degrees Celsius, in the summer, this number increases to up to 42 degrees Celsius. There are a total of per year, only seven rainy day, the probability of rain during the luxury holidays is so extremely low. The best time to travel for the holidays the winter months. The dry air and the extreme temperatures can be in the summer, namely, to an ordeal. In the Winter, the temperatures are still pleasant and the water temperature is over 20 degrees Celsius. The period from November to April is recommended.

Almost all tourists travel by plane in the metropolis. Among other things, that is why the Dubai International Airport is one of the largest airports in the world, it even carries more passengers, than in Frankfurt. Although the current Airport is already relatively large, is currently being built another airport to again carry more passengers.

Dubai – reasons for a luxury holiday

Dubai is on the basis of the properties and, due to the shopping facilities an ideal destination for a luxury holiday. There are numerous Hotels which have been awarded five stars and the shopping possibilities are unique. There are shops of almost all the high quality brands. Jewelry, clothing and much more there are in good quality. In part, the shops offer unique pieces or limited editions of products. A few tips about shopping in Dubai, there are here.

With the Burj al Arab is Dubai has one of the most famous Hotels in the world. It is located in a 321-metre high building and was, until 2009, the highest Hotel in the world. To beautify the interior space of 8,000 square meters of gold leaf were used. The Hotel also has eight Restaurants, a marine aquarium, a heliport and a variety of leisure activities. This offer is of course not very cost-effective, the Burj al Arab is one of the most expensive Hotels in the world.
Luxusurlaub in Dubai
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Another 5-star hotel, Hotel Atlantis, The Palm. The building is reminiscent of a Royal Palace and takes many travellers alone the language. The Hotel also has an excellent Service. Multilingual staff, various pool areas and an All-Inclusive offer for the all-Round carefree package. There are different room sizes, so that every tourists can book a suitable room. Singles, couples or families, Atlantis The Palm, there are offers for all.

But these are only two examples of the many Hotels of the highest category, because it will enjoy more opportunities to relax in pure luxury. Nowhere else are so many luxury hotels to romp, after all.

Dubai – the sights of The city

The holiday time is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, Dubai has many factors, which are usually United only in different holidays. There are great beaches, fascinating structures that can otherwise only be admired for city trips, luxury Hotels and out of town there are impressive landscapes. Dubai is mainly for the skyscrapers, large-scale events and for the culture. The three tallest buildings in the world are located in the metropolis.

The Burj Khalifa makes all of the other buildings, such as the dwarves look. With a height of over 800 meters, the building is by far one of the highest buildings. Of the 828 metre-high skyscraper was completed in January 2010 after six years of construction. On the second place of the Ranking of the Princess Tower is located, and on the third place, the 23 Marina skyscraper.

Culturally convinced of the city with several theatres and museums. Currently there are a few more facilities to be built. The city would like to show the tourists a lot of of one’s own culture and use of public funds. Billions of dollars in the city.

For Luxury holiday makers travel to the nearby desert are offered. There, one can see a unique landscape and a picture of the size of the desert. If you want to relax on the numerous beaches. Most of the luxury hotels have their own sections, where you can enjoy the peace and quiet of the sea.

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