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Dubai is the city of superlatives: the skyscraper where you are, impressive attractions, and luxury in every corner of the city. In Dubai City, day and night, it pulsates with life. More than two million people inhabiting the Arab metropolis. So Dubai is to Abu Dhabi, the second largest city in the United Arab Emirates. Especially in the past few years, the metropolis has experienced a true Boom, and has grown from a small fishing village to a bustling centre. This is mainly due to the construction of the luxury hotel Burj Al Arab, the moved to Dubai in the focus of the world. Today, Dubai is a magnet for visitors from all over the world.

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Best time to travel to Dubai

The optimal vacation time in Dubai, especially from the climate. Between may and October, temperatures between 30 and 40° C is in the Arab metropolis to normal. Cooling is not to be expected from the surrounding water. Because during the summer months the water temperature is heated up to 30 C°. That is why in Dubai during may and October low season. This, however, has the advantage of many Travel deals catch can, since many Hotels during the off-season is not fully booked.

During the winter months, a pleasant climate in Dubai. Even in October the temperatures are at an average of 35 C°. In January, however, it will be pleasant average 25 C°. Rain, however, is in Dubai with four days of rain during the winter months is scarce. The sun shines for up to nine hours of the day and the water temperature is of 22 C°.

The arrival to Dubai

About eleven kilometres from the city centre, the Dubai International Airport is located. Up to now, this Central point for aircraft from all over the world. That’s about to change. Since 2010, a new airport, Dubai World Central International is built of the is just 60 km from the city centre. Although the new Airport will be taken in 2020, but in 2013 a passenger aircraft can fly in and out of the airport. And how can it be otherwise: in 2020, the new Airport in Dubai is the Largest in the world.

Of Germany, Austria and Switzerland there are Non-stop flights to Dubai. From Frankfurt, the airline British Midland, and Lufthansa without interruption in the Arab metropolis flying. In Berlin, the Air Berlin Non-stop-flights to Dubai. The arrival by air from Germany to Dubai will take approximately six hours, from Zürich, you must take an Arrival time of 5 ½ hours.

Arrivals via sea in Dubai. A few kilometres was created by the City in the 1970s, an artificial seaport. Meanwhile, about 120 shipping companies to the port. But he has also become a major hub of international trade. A private rail network, the metropolis does not have. But a very well-developed roads and bus network.

Hotels and accommodations in Dubai

Even if Dubai is brimming with luxury, not everything is expensive – not the accommodations. Especially in Deira, the oldest district of Dubai, a few 1 to 2 star Hotels, many of which are extremely family friendly. However, really rest then you will only get if you are looking for a Low-Budget Hotel, has no Bar or Disco.

In the meantime, there are even in the middle of the City, a youth hostel, the Only one in the city. It is actually ideal for young people or students. Luxury one does not find, clean rooms and a pleasant atmosphere. For families, as an Alternative to Hotels are the many apartment complexes in the city, there are even with sea view

Urlaub in Dubai


To luxury, however, you do not need to search in Dubai. Finally, the former wasteland is the luxury hotel Burj Al Arab, ten years ago, the Status of a world-famous metropolis. Overall, the Hotel has 220 double-storey suites, 1,500 employees, take care of the needs of the guests and sumptuous gold leaf decorations. However, a night in a luxury hotel is also the equivalent of 1,900 euros per night.

This is of course a bit cheaper. Would you, for example, as a family, so two adults with two children to Dubai for ten days to travel, pay for flight and Hotel is about 1,300 euros. In the offer, including a middle-class hotel with its own swimming Pool, fitness Studio and house is a private Spa area. All rooms are air-conditioned, comfortably furnished and clean.

Attractions in Dubai

Dubai is the city of contrasts, and moves between the ancient Orient, from 1000 and one night, as well as a futuristic Modernity. The experience as a Tourist, especially between Downtown and Dubai Creek. In Downtown, the famous superlatives to Grasp. In the middle of the quarter of the city rises the skyscraper Burj Khalifa , with about 830 meters up in the air. The fresh air can be sniffed on the observation deck of the building at first hand and the most visitors is in the dizzy height quickly becomes clear, why the imposing tower since 2008, the largest building in the world. Down-to-earth, but not much smaller, is the shopping center of Downtown, with an area of over 350,000 m2, the Largest in the world. A total of more than 1,200 shops for Shopping. Another Highlight in the Dubai Mall is the Aquarium on three floors. A total of about 10,000 cubic meters of seawater in the Aquarium in which to 33,000 aquatic animals are at home.

Along the natural inlet, Dubai Creek, visitors can get to know the other side of the bustling metropolis. There, at the estuary of Dubai have left once the fishermen and pearl divers. Until today, traces of the original Dubai, along the Arms. With water taxis to the various districts. Quiet it is not. The traditional Souks. Famous spice market and the gold souks are.

Sports activities in Dubai

Dubai is not only rich in monuments, sports facilities make the heart of an active holidaymakers beat faster. Many hotel properties offer a diverse selection of sporting activities. Particularly, the sport of Golf in Dubai is very present. On the outskirts of the city, the Emirates Golf Club – a very traditional 18-hole Golf course with an area of 6,500 m2. Sailing, diving, deep sea fishing and many more water sports in Dubai are as good as anywhere. The surroundings of the metropolis is you can discover, for example, with the motorcycle, Bicycle or horse.

Things to know about Dubai

Dubai is also expressed by the high number of Tourists liberal. Nevertheless, it is an Islamic city that maintains traditions. This is especially during the Ramadan . Many of the shops have to offer during this time, reduced Hours, and many Restaurants only to eat in the evening. Of course, travelers are free in the month of Ramadan to provide food for the day in the Public. However, out of respect for the Faith, you should avoid it.

Drinking alcohol in Public is also seen. In most of the Bars and Hotels he will be offered however. But you should avoid drinking on the streets alcohol, or drunk to be out in the Public. In Dubai, one speaks Arabic or English. The national currency is the Dirham, since 1980, to the American exchange rate is coupled. You can but also comfortable with Mastercard and Visa to pay.

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