Dubai Drones-Taxi

While in the Federal Republic of debating, what are the extreme dangers that can arise from an Autonomous Driving, has made the Emirate of Dubai about to solve the prevailing transportation problems in the air. The latest projects of the government to move in breathtaking heights, and it is planned that from July 2017, a drone Taxi in the test operation. This is the type 184 AAV (Autonomous Aerial Vehide), an Autonomous air vehicle, the company Ehang from China. Without a Pilot, and alone in the drone, you can bring the passenger to the touch of a button to the desired goal. In a recent Interview with the New York Times, the public transport authority of Dubai, represented by its chief, has announced that the planned Test.
It was mentioned that a Chinese manufacturer has introduced a Taxi-drone already and, according to information from insiders, the first test of the unmanned drone runs have already taken place successfully.

Dubai Drohnen-Taxi

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  • 1 function and representation of the Taxi-drone
  • 2 flight safety and control
  • 3 Video
  • 4 planning for the future
  • 5 conclusion

Function and representation of the Taxi-drone

That of the cab drone is oversized, oval, ovate, and on a flight-frame mounted. The passenger cabin has a total of four booms, where each of the two rotors to fly. When the four Rotor-arms are in the folded state, then the drone should be able to land on a normal Parking lot. Eight Propeller have a total of the task is to keep the impressive One-man-cabin in the air, and the maneuverability of guarantee. The passenger has the vehicle to its place in the Air on a sporting seat, and he chooses his destination by finger pressure on a touch screen. The manufacturer says that the passenger will now enjoy the beautiful view.

Flight property nThe small drone in the future with a speed of about 100 kilometers per hour , the traveller in a time of up to 30 minutes of carrying. The maximum speed is 160 kilometers per hour and the drone Taxi is the option, up to an altitude of 3,500 meters to ascend. The Radius of the drones-Taxi is estimated at 50 kilometers, the passenger and baggage may be a maximum of 100 kilograms, because the storage space is in the small air-Taxi is very low.

Flight safety and control

The developers explain that the drone should perform in the “ideal case” the entire flight automatically, as an independent Intervention of the passenger is not possible. Only the control center, which is located on the ground is, can the rate of the Taxi-drone change, or in the case of an emergency landing force. In corresponding turbulence, or storms, you must stay with the Taxi-drones on the ground. The manufacturer has repeatedly stressed the safety of its drone. He justified this by saying that all the systems are duplicated to the passenger safely and without any problems on the ground. However, they must rid themselves of the idea that the drones in Science-Fiction movies can fly from house to house, because this will not be possible. The flying object has only the option selected places to control, the for a landing, particularly are suitable.


Planning for the future

The plans of the Emirate of Dubai to say that by the year 2030, about a quarter of the transport system is autonomously operated. The planning is advanced such that the Taxi-to bring people drones within the city area of Dubai, without a Pilot from skyscraper to skyscraper.


In his Science-Fiction classic “The fifth Element”, the Director Luc Besson in 1997, the actor Bruce Willis with a yellow Taxi through New York’s high-rise canyons to fly. This Vision is now around 20 years, only with the difference that the flight device has a different Form and at the push of a button to the glittering skyscrapers of Dubai revolves. The order of the Taxi drone to via mobile App and then click one of the RTA released Video of a power-operated flying device at the location of the customers appear. In the presented drone Taxi, the viewer is reminded of the last Isetta-mobile Scooter from BMW.