Cruises to Dubai

Glamour, Shine and luxury, Dubai offers visitors a unique atmosphere that most travelers reach the dazzling metropolis by plane. A befitting but the arrival with the cruise ship seems to be, because on Board of such a luxury cruise liner, guests will enjoy a similarly attractive leisure program such as at your destination. From Wellness and sports to pure entertainment, everything is really on offer!

Kreuzfahrten nach Dubai

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Not only for the Orient and Emirates cross famous provider dreamlines cruises Dubai in his program, but almost all of the less specialized shipping companies such as Costa, MSC and Aida. The topic: “one thousand and one nights” is used often as the Motto of the Onboard entertainment, a wonderful prelude to the upcoming country of residence. While passengers often occur as you can be without Transition fresh in a strange world, tumbling down, glide of ship-driving, such as on the flying carpet over. You are a part of the way there already, without ever arrived to be. Oriental buffet, belly dance performances and musical delights to increase the anticipation and make for any refreshing amount of variety.

However, apart from the purely thematic attunement, the General cruise atmosphere has many other elements that fit perfectly to the Dubai holiday. Not only the two ships of the Azamara Club Cruises feature sophisticated entertainment shows, from Cabaret through Live music, to the amazing magical Illusion, the Aida fleet, provides in this respect a number of pleasant Surprises. Well-known Musicals to conquer as the show stages as well-known television formats of the type “Who wants to be a millionaire” or “pyramid”. Anyone who wants to become the latter Shows itself to the player, and captured with his smart answers, a substantial real-money Jackpot.

Kreuzfahrten nach Dubai

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One more Chance, with a little Know-how and the proper approach to the holiday Fund Supplement, in the ship’s own Casino. DC 7 Aida ships have a casino, for example, the AIDAbella and the AIDAsol. Also on the MSC-liners in the evening to Gamble is called for, for example, in the context of regular Poker tournaments. Playing poker as a challenging strategy game like chess in the “sports” to exist, it requires the right approach and a lot of perseverance. Whoever emerges at the end of the day victorious, in Dubai-the more fulfilling! Therefore, the other Casino classics great popularity aboard enjoy.

However, on an average cruise ship only to the brain in movement, but also the body does not device. It starts with a relaxed morning exercise at the Pool and ends in sporting competitions, for example, in Basketball, Volleyball, or mini bowling. Here, everyone shows under the blue cruise the sky, what can he – and the time up to Dubai passes as in the flight. May be there is still the possibility of their own dance skills to Refine, and in the context of a professional dance teaching. On the MSC ships, such classes are held either in the evening or during the day, so that the dance-loving guests will be sure to find a suitable date for yourself. In Dubai, arrived, present your arts in one of the luxury night clubs or on the beach under the stars.

Kreuzfahrten nach Dubai
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Belongs to a matter of course on Board of the swimming Pool, of course, often there are more than one and a couple of Jacuzzis. In the morning before Breakfast a few laid-back laps to swim at night or in the context of a pool party into the cool Wet to jump in the water rates in real holiday mood and is part of an Oriental holiday. The desert temperatures reach anyway on a daily basis to the boiling point, therefore, the next Pool is located in Dubai itself is never far away.

Kreuzfahrten nach Dubai

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Spa is in the luxury metropolis, as well as great value is placed on how stylish cooling – and even on Board the well-known cruise ships are physical and mental well-being in the focus of interest. My ship 5 of the Tui fleet, for example, regularly rates on Dubai, aboard an extra-large area for sports and SPA and plenty of space for a wide variety of Wellness applications. With helpful support from specialist learning additionally, relaxation rituals, which is reflected in the stresses of everyday life at home. As Dubai itself, but at least an important part of the holiday does not come with the home!


Our vacation is normally limited to only a few weeks out of the year, for this occasion, therefore, everything as perfect as possible! Exactly it is this perfection, the Dubai such a popular travel destination. Luxury yachts under bright-blue sky, glittering skyscrapers, artificial Islands, and precious jewelry, come to us automatically to mind when we think of the shimmering desert metropolis. But the real treasure is the one you wear in your heart, when you return from an on – and-/ – causing trip!