Burj Khalifa in Dubai, visit

Holiday in the United Arab Emirates for many people is appealing because you can experience a completely different, and for us, often surreal, world. For this reason, it is worth it, if the interested persons to visit the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. The building is named after its inauguration in January 2004, according to the President of the Emirates. Until then, it’s been the Burj Dubai, which translated means, mutatis mutandis, the “Dubai tower”. Significantly, tourists are for us, above all, the impressive size and the great location. We show, why is it worth visiting, what are the possibilities and how we travel cheaply can make.

Burj Khalifa in Dubai besuchen

Burj Khalifa in Dubai, visit

Around the complex many other buildings have settled. For this reason, the district of Downtown Dubai is created. Here, Locals and travelers, offices, Commerce, housing options, shopping, and much more. The Burj Khalifa has a height of 828 meters. Up to the top, there are even 829.8 metres. Overall, the house has 163 floors, which are used in various ways.

The bottom 38 floors will be used by the well-known Hotel “Armani”. Here vacationers will find a live style that makes you forget the hectic everyday life at home. An impressive view of the traveler, by the way, on the observation deck on the 124. Floor experience. The Overview of the surroundings inspires you to Dream, admire and Photograph.

Vacation in the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, experience, and cost-effective book

Burj Khalifa in Dubai besuchen

So you experience the Burj Khalifa as it really is

In General, a trip to Dubai cost for a week per Person is approximately between 500 and 700 euros, the Tickets for the Burj Khalifa is yet to come extra. These are very cheap, as you can see here on getyourguide.de nice, however, it is always possible, more for his desire to leave. ?

But the Save is possible. This works best on the Internet. Many providers can stays, travel, hotel, tickets, day trips, flights and much more at attractive terms and, in most cases cheaper prices. For this purpose, an intensive Research as well as a more targeted way to compare prices is worth it.

It can wave discounts for early bookings, or even benefits, if the trip is for a group to be scheduled.

For this reason, we should.interested to us in a timely manner about the current prices and the season of the planned travel date to inform and therefrom our conclusions about the best booking appointment drag

Many providers have specialized in a competent travel service and accompany us through the booking process. Here, you will not only offer us great conditions, but we are competent. In this way, overpriced bookings can often be avoided in advance and we will receive the travel documents that we need for a successful holiday with excursions at the best price.


It must remain a dream, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai to visit and to stay in a place. For a few days in the world full of Features and luxury dive must be also, by the way, is priceless (Here on Google.de a couple of pictures). On the Internet we can find providers who have specialized in travel and holidays, and to us specifically for this trip area great conditions can offer. We deal in a timely manner with our request, we have not rarely the possibility of early booking discounts and other perks to benefit from. In this way, we can even see the Burj Khalifa as it really is.

Joe McNally Photography – Climbing the Burj Khalifa (The World’s Tallest Building)

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