Beach holiday in Dubai

In spite of the unique buildings, its exclusive Hotels and many shopping opportunities, Dubai is an ideal place for a perfect beach holiday. With a total of 12 months of sun, sea and sandy beaches have no wish to stay for a holiday in this unique Region. The most popular beaches in Dubai are Jumeirah Public Beach, Mamzar Beach, Jumeirah Beach Park and Al Mamzar Beach Park. To the beautiful sandy beaches with ideal water temperatures, many water sports, such as sailing, Kite and wind invite for surfing, the perfect beach holiday. The vacationers here is especially good, because it is thought of everything and the beach, visitors have the choice of several changing cabins, showers and toilets, which are located directly in the vicinity of the beaches. Further, various cafes, Open-Air dining and Bars to enjoy.

  • 1 From the Abundance of the beaches of Dubai are presented below, some of the
  • 2 Jumeirah Open Beach
  • 3 Mamzar Beach Park
  • 4 Jumeirah Beach
  • 5 Kite Beach
  • 6 Burj Al Arab Beach
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Out of the Abundance of the beaches of Dubai are presented below, some of the

Strandurlaub in Dubai

Icon image of sandy beaches in Dubai © photo Agency PantherMedia slava296

Jumeirah Open Beach

Here it is a public beach that can be reached by Taxi or own Car. The Parking is for a fee, but it is possible, in the time from 13:00 to 16:00 for free Parking.

The beach has a length of about three and a width of up to 220 meters, which is why he is particularly well-suited for long walks. Jumeirah Open Beach is a real retreat away from the big tourist flows , and also the likes of Locals on the weekends visited. Due to the length of the beach is this in multiple areas dividedin two bathing areas, as well as a Kite-the area, where many water sports enthusiasts all have their place. Here, too, the visitor toilets, changing cabins and showers, there is also the opportunity to take part in the beach restaurant a variety of Snacks and drinks.

Mamzar Beach Park

The Beach Park is located in the North of Dubai in the Deira district, and is located in close proximity to the Dubai International Airport. Divided the Park into five beach areas, the from one to five are numbered. The entire Park is shaped like an oval, where the beaches are located in the outer area and lined with shade trees and beautiful green areas are created. A pool area with many palm trees gives this area a special Flair.

Jumeirah Beach

The Jumeirah Beach, we are one of the most famous beaches of the United Arab Emirates, as a nearly 30 km long beautiful sandy beach is awaiting the visitors. Although the largest part of the beach is in private ownership, there are also some public beach sections.

Kite Beach

Kite beach, this Beach is a very special Highlight for Kite-surfers and has always been the favorite beach of many water sports enthusiasts. The Beach is adjacent to the Umm Suqueim Beach, and is accessible to the public. Many Restaurants invite you to linger and on the beach there are water sports, many choices of activities. A climbing and skate Park, as well as a ride on a banana boat, or kayak, round off the varied programme on the beach with its turquoise water.

Burj Al Arab Beach

The homonymous sandy beach is located directly next to the Burj Al Arab, has a length of about 100 meters and in some Places up to 200 meters wide. He is very easy to reach via the main roads of Dubai and gives it a special charm, because here a lot of nationalities spend a nice hours.


A trip to the beaches of Dubai is quite rewarding, because it offers the guest a quiet place, wonderful nature and on the other hand, hustle and Bustle in the midst of an enchanting landscape, surrounded by Sand and sea. In the last few years, the beaches of Dubai become more popular and to testify to the personal hit lists of many guests from all over the world. This particular destination helps to collect in a short period of time, a lot of impressions, which will remain in a beautiful memory.